About Us

Stefanie Haliburton, Owner

Growing up as a MK (missionary kid) in a third-world country left an indelible mark on my life. It left me with a feeling of responsibility – a responsibility that if I can in any way, shape or form use my talents to help another individual prosper, then it is inherently my duty to do so. From an early age, I knew I had a natural propensity for accounting. I spent my early career years learning everything I could about it. During my undergraduate and graduate programs, I worked a few years in public accounting, but it didn’t take me long to realize that while I excelled in public accounting, it wasn’t my passion. Public accounting gave me the opportunity to use my skillset to find issues, but it didn’t give me the fulfillment I get out of “fixing” things. I switched gears to private accounting and found my niche. Private accounting gives me the opportunity to “dig” into the details of businesses and use my expertise to work alongside operations to take these companies to the next level of financial success.


My key to success? Embracing an environment of change.

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, then you always end up with the same results. The truth is, businesses do not want to end up with the same financial results year after year. They want to grow and profit so they can contribute to their employees, their families and to society as a whole. According to research, people (i.e organizations) change for two reasons: either their circumstances force them to change, or their vision is bigger than their desire to stay comfortable in their existing condition. Growth, specifically financial growth, requires commitment to change at every level within an organization. Everyone has to see the vision and understand his or her own role in contributing to its fulfillment. This is why I’ve committed myself to working onsite with my clients. I’ve learned that people achieve their best and embrace change by feeling empowered to change their own environment. That happens when they have someone in their corner rooting for them to succeed. Imagine, if you could get your employees at every level to commit to change and to do their part to take your company to that next level of financial success! What are the challenges? What are the headaches? How do we turn those into opportunities?  How do we make the sky the limit? This is where I come in….


My Background

12 years Private Accounting experience:

  • Fit For Work, LLC (CFO)
  • PTD, LLC (Controller)
  • Lexmark International, Inc (Senior Consolidations Analyst)
  • Louisville Forge & Gear (Senior Accountant)
  • Accent Marketing (Staff Accountant)

3 years Public Accounting experience:

  • Compton, Kottke & Associates, CPA (tax preparation/auditing)
  • Thomas A. Lirot, CPA (bookkeeping)



  • Marketing, Manufacturing, Health Care industries
  • Increased profit margins 50%
  • Systems Implementations (SAP, NetSuite)
  • Reducing monthly closing schedules
  • Implementing sophisticated reporting systems
  • Cash-to–Accrual accounting transitions
  • Profit Margin Analysis (by product/service)
  • Acquisitions/Mergers
  • Consolidations, External Reporting
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Leading companies through transitions (new CEOs, acquisitions/mergers, new payroll systems, software implementations)